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Bring back the joy of city driving with Eva - a 2-seater smart EV, easier to cruise through traffic and simpler to park. It is India’s First Solar Electric car- giving 3000 km of free charging annually. Eva’s Interiors are specially designed for comfortable city driving needs like going to office, grocery shopping, dropping off kids to school/ classes, etc.

Tell me more about Eva

Eva has a test range of 250km on a single charge.  Charging to the full limit will take you 4 hours at home, using the standard 15A plug. It also supports Fast Charging with CCS2, and can be 80% charged in 45 min.

How far does Eva go on a single charge? How long does it take to charge?

The car can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child.

How many people can sit in the car?

Eva is designed to be very agile- with narrow body and wide visibility, it will be easy to maneuver and park. It will take only half the width of a regular car. With a quick pick-up (0-40 kmph in 5 sec), Eva makes city drive peppy and fun.

How easy is the car to drive?

Eva boasts of safe and reliable battery- it comes with active liquid cooling (the most advanced form of cooling). We use 14kWh LFP (a kind of Lithium-ion battery) that is ideal for the Indian climate, being thermally stable. It is compliant with both the latest AIS-156 and AIS032(Rev2) standards.

What are the battery specifications?

Eva has comfortable and spacious interiors- an air-conditioned cabin, connected dashboard (Apple Car play/ Android Auto compatible), wide driver visibility, 6-way adjustable driver seat and a panoramic sunroof.

What interior features are available?

Eva is optimized for safety - Seatbelts for all occupants, Driver Airbag, Monocoque Chassis and IP68 certified powertrain for water and dust resistance.

What are the safety specifications?

Eva is 3. 0 m long, 1.1 m wise, 1.6 m high.  It has a wheelbase of 2200 mm and has ground clearance of 170 mm.

What are the dimensions of the car?

Eva will have a 3-year or 1,00,000 km warranty. You can also purchase an extended warranty for 2 years or 50,000 km.

Does the vehicle come with a warranty?

We are planning a top speed of 70 km/h, as appropriate for city use

How fast can the car go?

Eva has sufficient power to drive up a 25% gradient or 15 degrees with ease with full payload.

Can the car easily go up gradients for my daily driving?

The kerb weight of the car is 550 kgs (including the battery). It can carry a payload of 250 kgs, including the passenger and the luggage- bringing gross weight to ~800 kgs.

What is the car’s kerb weight?

Eva has around 50L space near the driver seat. Rear seat can be folded to get an additional 150L.

What is the luggage capacity of the car?

Eva would be available in following 6 color shades- Moonstone White, Light Platinum, Sky Blue, Rose Coral, Cherry Red, Champagne Gold.

What colours is the car available in?

Standard LMV License would be required to drive Eva.

What is the license requirement to drive the car?

There will be different Battery pack capacities variants & option of solar / sunroof will be given

Exact variant details with actual pricing will be shared at a commercial launch event later this year.

What variants will be available?

We are using a city car category to bring this car to market. Others in the same category are doing similar design like Microlino in Europe and some are even using single wheel in rear like Solo, Arcimoto, Aptera in the US.

Why is the rear track narrower than the front track?

The price of the vehicle will be released at a commercial launch later.

What will be the price of the vehicle?

The subsidies vary from state to state and the amount also changes with time. We would communicate the applicable subsidies at the time of purchase.

Are there any tax benefits for buying Eva?

Please click on the Join Priority List button on top right to receive precedence when pre-bookings open.

Where can I buy Eva?

Product testing is planned across India in various geographies and weather conditions to ensure its reliability and safety. Dedicated service centers will be opened in phase-wise manner as we start the sale of our vehicles in different cities.

How will I get my Eva serviced?

We are working on multiple platforms for different segments of urban mobility for both B2C & B2B customers.

Does Vayve Mobility have any other car models ready or in the making?

The ARAI certification is in-process.

Is the vehicle ARAI certified?

Eva is smart, with looks, features and gives the best value over time. Smart Design Decisions for Space, Energy and Battery make the vehicle very efficient, resulting in a low running cost of Rs. 0.80/km.

Is buying Eva good value for money?

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